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I recently had the chance to go through a coaching sessions’ cycle together with Claudia and I am extremely happy about the results. Claudia helped me identifying the essential pillars that I have to look for in the definition of my career path that are deeply bond to my values and my essential needs as human being. I discovered that it’s possible to achieve them both and I succeed in developing a very positive though pragmatic attitude towards it. Moreover, I reached these awareness through a dialectical process that brought me to a deeper knowledge of myself and that I can leverage autonomously in the future for taking new decisions. I’m sure I will set up other sessions with her to check that I’m not losing the right path or that I need to adjust it based on new upcoming needs.
Alessandra Bonacina
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I’d define Claudia’s coaching approach very cozy and deep. It is the right coaching if you want to handle topics with a strong psychological and/or spiritual component. That’s ideal in evolution processes when you want to change your life and career reference parameters through the progressive achievement of your objectives. She was able to resonate with my values and expression modes with very effective mirroring and the progressive building of a smooth and pleasant relationship. From my coaching experience with Claudia I learnt the importance of transparency, intellectual honesty and strong proactivity. After my coaching with Claudia I can say I have in my circle of trusted people a new strong point of reference supporting my evolution, my career path and daily life. My awareness has improved a lot thanks the coaching sessions, unlocking new unexpected resources. Last but not least… the “homework”: they created a pleasant feeling of support and genuine interest in my goals. 
Sandro Vittozzi
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Le sessioni di coaching con Claudia Coppola sono state sorprendenti e rivelatrici. Professionale, competente ed empatica; guidandoti con naturalezza riesce a mostrarti i nodi che ti legano a convinzioni errate e ti aiuta a trovare e perseguire l'obiettivo prefissato. Grande emozione! Grazie Claudia Coppola
Rosanna Londino
Retail Merchandising Associate manager presso Versace
Claudia ha curato il progetto di intervento formativo per la divisione tecnica, gli ingegneri delle due sedi di Cuneo e Stadtallendorf. Sono stati previsti tre giorni di attività esperienziali sul Garda rivolte ad implementare la collaborazione e la condivisione di conoscenze tra i due gruppi di lavoro. L'intervento ė stato ben strutturato e curato nei dettagli, tenuto da Claudia e altri due trainer in inglese, con grande professionalità. Il successo della intervento ė stato misurato attraverso un sondaggio che ha avuto feed back assolutamente positivo. 60 % dei partecipanti hanno riconosciuto la fertilità di questo tipo di interventi, prevedendo una ripetizione un paio di volte all'anno.
Luigi Coppola
Head of Electric and Automatic area of Ferrero
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